Friday, February 11, 2011

Wall paper

I have never wallpapered before so this would be my first attempt and it was challenging! Not only did i get very expensive wallpaper but it has to be one of the hardest to put up but we are talking about me who thinks she can do anything! so i get this beautiful purple and velvet black damask wallpaper that i am in love with .... did a few youtube videos on how to put up wallpaper and went to work! The first few stripes were beyond frustrating but knowing that i probably would have just enough worked really hard to make it fit with NO wasting wallpaper.  Matching no problem i soon got the hang of it putting a piece up at a time then checking on my boys, who are ...  if you know them always in to mischief. 
Hours later .....  yes i did do it all in one day cause if i stop a project it wont get finished .... i did it!!!  up close you can tell it wasn't professional but can't tell from a distance!

 My husband is wonderful if you would like to see the steps to his MAN room, as he calls it or movie room, you can see it on youtube. click HERE for the link!


  1. It turned out fantastic! Good job!

  2. It looks great! When are we going to watch a movie?